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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 30, 2023 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> breaking tonight the supreme court issues major rulings striking down president biden's student loan bailout and reinforcing american free speech rights based on their religious
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beliefs. >> another day of decisions split 6-3 showing deep divisions at the nation's highest court in an opinion by chief justice john roberts the majority struck down the biden administration's plan to wipe out $430 billion until student loan debt. quote, we hold today that the act allows the education secretary to wave or modify existing statutory or regulatory provisions applicable to financial assistance programs under the education act. not to rewrite that statute from the ground up. the dissenters led by justice kagan argued the secretary did have that power. quote the statute read as written gives the secretary broad authority to relieve a national emergency's effect on borrowers abilities to repay their student loans. president biden who has repeatedly vowed to wipe out student loan debt while conceding he may not have authority blasted the court and promised to find other ways to
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benefit borrowers. >> i think the court misinterpreted the constitution. >> in today's other decision the majority recognized a concrete rise to pre speech for a colorado westbound designer who argued she shouldn't be forced to construct web sites for messages that conflict with her convictions including same sex marriage. justice gorsuch writing today is emblematic by an unfortunate tenancy to defend first amendment values only when they find the speaker's method sympathetic. if liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they don't want to hear. justice sanna marin sat in her incident including the majority quote a particular kind of business though open to the public has a constitutional right to refuse to serve members of a protected class. web designer lori smith said she has happily worked with lgbtq clients but sees a distinction
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of creating custom designs for specific events or viewpoints in conflict with her religious beliefs. >> president biden is once against expressing disappointment with high court's ruling. jacqui heinrich has that part of the story tonight good evening jacqui. >> laura: good evening shannon. president biden expressed doubt in his own authority to forgive student loans with a flick of the pen in the past and former speaker of the house nancy pelosi also pushed back on calls from progressives to do it saying that student loan forgiveness has to come with an act of congress. that what is the supreme court ruled today. but biden denied giving false hope to millions of borrowers. >> i didn't give any false hope. the question was whether or not i would do even more than was requested. what i did i thought was appropriate and was able to be done and would get done. i didn't give borrowers false hope but the republicans snatched away the hope that they were given and it's real. real hope.
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>> laura: officials here say the supreme court got it wrong and they're trying this again with a different lever. the higher education act, saying it allows the education secretary to compromise, wave or release loans under certain circumstances. the details here are fuzzy and it's unclear how many people would qualify but without a bill passed by congress, it could face the same legal challenges. >> think this court will see eye to eye with you. going to be the same court. >> we're just beginning the rule making process now. there's going to be time to craft the exact proposal under this new legal authority. one thing, of course, that we'll keep in mind is how this plan is going to be received by the courts. >> laura: officials here say they originally chose the heroes act because it would have been quickr and as they finalized the plan the administration's finding a workaround to the law biden just signed as part of the budget agreement requiring that student loan payments resume in september. now they're enacting a 12-month grace period calling it an on-ramp. the only difference here is
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interest will accrue. the white house also expressed disappointment in a second supreme court ruling in favor of a web site designer refusing to create designs for same-sex weddings. the high court said compliance would violate the right to free speech. white house officials called that discriminatory. despite all the rulings this week, the president is still not in favor of expanding the court, dealing a blow to progressives. instead he's signaling that a key part of his 2024 campaign will be highlighting the consequences of electing republicans, shannon. >> jacqui heinrich at the white house, thank you very much. we'll discuss all this with the panel >> there are growing concerns tonight about the leadership of the hunter biden investigations. some of those questions involve the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia and whether he has or is blocking efforts to bring charges against the president's son in that location. meanwhile, republicans are pushing for more information about the probes. correspondent david spunt has the latest tonight from the justice department.
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>> reporter: the clock is ticking for attorney general merrick garland and other doj officials to turn over information to congress about the hunter biden plea deal. >> i hope they just voluntarily come in. i would think that that would be the right thing to do. >> laura: irs whistleblower gary shapley insists the probe was influenced by politics. he says delaware u.s. attorney david weiss complained about not having full control over the investigation. >> i even had him repeat that, because i knew how important that fact was and i wanted to make sure i understood it. >> laura: but for two years, gar hand has insisted weiss was in charge. >> but he is in charge of that investigation. there will not be interference of any political or improper kind. if he needs to bring a case in another jurisdiction, he will have my full authority to do that. would be permitted to continue his investigation and to make a decision to prosecute any way in which he wanted to, and in any district in which he wanteded
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to. >> laura: in a june 7th letter weiss wrote to house judiciary chairman jim jordan saying the same. it reads i have been granted ultimate authority over this matter including responsibility for deciding where, when and whether to file charges. shapley says weiss specifically complained about being blocked from the u.s. attorney's office in dc last year. a spokesperson for dc u.s. attorney matthew graves denied interference. and house republicans want answers from u.s. attorney david weiss by the end of next week shannon. >> david how is the biden camp responding to the republicans demands? >> reporter: strongly. i just received a letter from abby lowell, the attorney for hunter biden. it was sent to house weighs and means chairman republican jason smith from missouri just hours ago. lowell unloads on house republicans arguing they are just going after hunter as a way to get close to the president of the united states. he writes, in part, since taking
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the majority in 2023, various leaders of the house and its committees have discardd the established protocols of congress rules of conduct and even the law in what can only be called an obsession with attacking the biden family. meanwhile smith's office calls the letter misleading and vows to continue the investigation. shannon. >> all right, david, we will rely on you to keep us updated. thanks so much. >> you bet. >> stocks were up, the dow gained 285, the s&p 500 finished ahead 54, nasdaq jumped 19. for the week the dow gained two percentage points ts&p 500 was up 2 1/3, nasdaq rose 2.5. apple now the first publicly traded company to close a trading day with a $3 trillion market value. apple shares finished up 2.3% to just under $194 bringing its market value to
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$3,040,000,000,000. ♪ >> republican presidential candidates are in philadelphia today just ahead of the nation's 247th birthday. they are presenting their plans for protecting parents and students when it comes to education policy. among other topics. correspondent brian llenas is in philly tonight. >> you have taught the radical left marxists and communists aids lesson they will never forget. don't mess with america's moms. >> laura: tonight presidential candidates front runner former president donald trump, florida governor ron desantis and former united nations ambassador nikki haley all promising concerned moms they will improve education by giving parents more rights in schools while scrapping so-called woke ideology from the curriculum. >> they want their kids focused on math and reading and key subjects. they don't want an agenda imposed, particularly things that are inappropriate for school children like gender ideology. >> you've got biological boys playing in girls sports.
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this is one of the biggest women's issues of our time. >> laura: the event is hosted by moms for liberty one of the most influential voices for the fight for more parental involvement in schools attempting to limit teaching in books that push topics like transgender identity, race and sex. they deem inappropriate for children. critics call the organization anti lgbtq. protesters in philadelphia reportedly vandalized the american revolution museum, which hosted the moms for liberty welcome event, as the southern poverty law center labeled the group an anti government extremist organization. >> we are considered a hate group because we care about our children? because i don't want my 7-year-old reading pornographic material? if that makes me a hate group, then bring it on. >> reporter: former president trump is just wrapping his comments behind me. he just promised to cut federal funding to any schools that push transgenderism, critical race theory or any inappropriate content to our children. bottom line is, the presidential
3:11 pm
candidates say that the schools need to go back to the fundamentals after nationwide test scores plummeted to the lowest math scores since the 1990s reading comprehension plummeted to 1971 levels for 13-year-olds. shop on. >> brian llenas in philly, thank you so much brian >> up next, bret baier looks at how opec nations are influencing the energy market and what you end up paying at the pump. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox five in new york, as federal prosecutors urge an appeals court to uphold the conviction of ghislaine maxwell and her 20-year prison sentence. the former assistant to disgraced late financier jeffrey epstein was convicted of helping him sexually abuse girls. maxwell has accused prosecutors of making her a scapegoat because epstein is dead >> fox 10 in phoenix with a rememberance for the fire fighters who died battling a blaze in northern arizona 10 years ago. the 19 members of the grant it mountain hot shots were overrun
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by flames in a fox canyon >> and this is a live look at los angeles fox 11, one of the big stories there tonight, the entertainment industry prepares for a possible second major strike. studios are trying to reach a deal with the main actors union. several top actors said they will walk off the job if negotiators are not reach a transformative deal. union writers have been striking for about two months. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. ♪ oh, ♪ i'm going to somewhere, anywhere. ♪ ♪ a beach house, a treehouse, ♪ ♪ honestly i don't care ♪ find the perfect vacation rental for you, booking. yeah. [bones cracking] ♪ (tense music) ♪ one aleve works all day
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wise >>
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>> shannon: the energy department is working to purchase additional oil to refill the strategic petroleum reserve. recent production cuts by opec could make that plan an expensive task. as part of our energy matters series, my colleague bret baier takes a look at the influence of that group of oil-producing countries and how their actions could cause gas prices to rise this summer. ♪ . >> reporter: thanks shannon. saudi arabia recently announced it would cut around one million barrels per day from its oil output in july. it's the biggest reduction in recent years for that country. saudi arabia is a leading member of the oil-producing alliance. the organization of petroleum sporting countries, or opec. tonight we take a look at the power that group has over the global oil market. >> i would have to quote the saudi lollipop. >> reporter: at a recent opec
3:19 pm
meeting saudi arabia's efforts to sweet talk its new oil cuts turned sour. >> reporter: saudi arabia, iran, iraq and venezuela are among the 13 countrys that make up opec. in 2016 the group expanded and became opec-plus. the ten new members included russia, mexico and malaysia. all together, those 23 countries produce around 40% of global crude oil. >> when opec cuts production, they're looking to limit supply and limited supply puts upward pressure on prices and it really underscores the need for more domestic energy production because more american energy production means lower and more stable prices here at home.
3:20 pm
>> reporter: the saudi cut is part of a broader opec-plus deal to limit supply into 2024. it's the third supply reduction agreed upon by the group in the last eight months. is that a lot for them? >> what's unusual about the cuts you've seen is that they're happening preemptively. not in response to weak prices but in anticipation of them. so, yes, bret, that's very unusual. >> opec plus has in place cuts for more than 3.5 million barrels a day, that's 3.6% of global demand. those cuts were valid until the end of this year. but at the june meeting, the countries agreed to extend those cuts until 2024. saudi arabia's energy minister says opec-plus is trying to address market instability. >> in the second half of the year, demand is going to go up more sharply. i think opec is trying to create a price floor in the global market place in the wake of pretty significant global uncertainty and demand. >> western countries including
3:21 pm
the u.s. have accused opec of manipulating oil prices and undermineing the economy through high energy costs. >> the market can change instantly when opec speaks. >> does that make it tougher for the u.s. to monitor or track oil prices. >> not necessarily but it does create uncertainty when you don't know what they're going to do. >> reporter: the energy department recently announced plans to refill the strategic patrol yum reserve purchasing a total of six million barrels in august and september and, quote, continue to seek opportunities for additional repurchases as market conditions and the con straits of the spr operations allow. could they be doing more than that? >> they could. they've got enough money in the bank, in what they call the spr petroleum account bret to buy 64 million barrels. they can't load it all in right away, but they could make the purchase right away. >> reporter: the reserve sits at around 351 million barrels that's nearly 250 million barrels less than when president biden announced the first major draw down. >> instead we're taking action.
3:22 pm
oil-producing countries and large companies have not ramped up the supply of oil quickly enough to meet the demand. >> reporter: so does the opec cut affect the ability to refill those reserves? >> there's a strong sense of day taunt because we have a big strategic reserve. we have some power overprice, too, but not for as long as opec does. flowing barrel has much more power than the strategic stockpile. but when we decide to buy and tighten the market that may give opec a reason to stand back and not tighten. >> reporter: oil futures are on the rise but experts believe once opec cuts hit inventory around the world prices could trend even higher. if the u.s. is even more fully engaged and producing more how much does that change the dynamic with opec-plus. >> quite a great deal. when shell was really running hard and nobody knew how high it would go, it pushed a lot of opec's power back. now that producers are producing less for a variety of reasons and putting less money into the ground opec's power is growing.
3:23 pm
>> reporter: the actions by saudi arabia reveal how much influence that country has in the oil market based on the amount of supply they produce. countries like china and russia, meanwhile, are trying to influence energy markets in other ways. next up, we'll take a look at efforts by our adversaries to attack u.s. energy assets. we'll send it back to you. >> shannon: bret, thank you very much >> up next, if you are traveling by air this fourth of july holiday weekend, you better pack your patience. we've got a live report. and later, how the weather and smoke from canadian wildfires could influence your holiday plans. ♪ ♪ from big cities, to small towns, and on main streets across the us, you'll find pnc bank. helping businesses both large and small, communities and the people who live and work there grow and thrive. we're proud to call these places home too. they're where we put down roots,
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♪ >> shannon: prosecutorss in the criminal case against new york republican congressman george santos say they've turned over more than 80,000 pages of materials to his legal team. santos is accused of fraud and money laundering. today's hearing lasted only about five minutes. santos has denied guilt and is insisting he will run for reelection next year >> the intelligence community is warning u.s. businesses about the dangers of operating in china. it has released new details of how american companies and individuals could have their data accessed by the government. it warns of penalties for traditional business activities viewed by beijing as acts of espionage. it also says the law may ploy locally of national first to
3:30 pm
insist on chinese intelligence efforts. ♪ >> more than four million americans are expected to take to the sky this july 4th holiday weekend. that would be a new record. but many of them will be dealing with the same old problems, flight delays and cancellations due to weather and staffing issues. corrupt courtney teeingle is at dallas fort worth. >> reporter: early fireworks at the airport as independence day travel gets off to a bumpy start. >> this isn't organized chaos this is just chaos. >> we're trying to make the best of it but i have kite sucks because we're stuck here. >> reporter: triple a says more than 4.1 million people are expected to fly for the holiday shattering the record of 3.9 million. the additional traffic comes as airlines are trying to catch up after a week of severe weather and air traffic controllers
3:31 pm
shortages impacted 10s of thousands of flights. >> the faa over the next few year is looking at hiring around 3,000 extra controllers. >> that's little comfort to passengers who triple a says are paying up to 50% more for tickets this summer compared to last. >> it's been awful. awful. on the phone yesterday for four hours eight minutes. >> reporter: travelers say a tweet from the faa adds insult to injury it posed the question what ruins your flight showing a picture of a wheel of fortune style puzzle spelling out unruly passengers and it went out as thousands were strand or delayed. >> that's pretty poor choice of things to do. >> it's disappointing to me to hear the faa is tweeting jokes. >> reporter: the faa has not responding to fox's request for a comment. passengers are being warned to expect more turbulence ahead. >> airports are going to be a challenge, you know, from parking, from the moment you
3:32 pm
arrive, to getting bags checked to getting through security. >> reporter: triple a also says an estimated 43000000 americans will drive to their destinations this holiday weekend with gas prices being down by more than a dollar a gallon compared to last year. shannon? >> all right, safe travels. thank you. ♪ >> shannon: it is shaping up as a hot and hazy fourth of july weekend for many americans, nick is in east rutherford new jersey to tell us more tonight. hello snick hello shannon that's exactly the way to describe hot and hazy out here. unfortunately that haze isn't the normal summer haze that you would typically expect this time of the year. we've got that wildfire smoke overhead here in the tri-state area and we do need some rain or a wide scale change in the overall wind direction to scour some of that out. i think we could see some of
3:33 pm
that start to happen as we get into this weekend but we do also have to continue to worry about some of those record setting temperatures especially in the southeast where they have really seen the worst of it. talking about a record-breaking heat wave that has gripped much of the southeast. unfortunately, to start off this long forth of july holiday weekend, more than 70 million americans are under some type of heat alert that warns of the threat from temperatures that in some communities will be ten degrees above average and as i mentioned in the south the combination of record high temperatures along with high dew points will produce life-threatening heat index values anywhere from one hundred to 120 degrees. you see that big area of pink right there, big area of high pressure. the ring of fire as we've dubbed it here at fox weather, going to continue to scorch that area and it's going to be stubborn going
3:34 pm
to stick around for quite some time. communities like san antonio texas and all across the membership river valley like new orleans, jackson, little rock really going to be sweating it out. and for the fourth of july itself on tuesday, not too bad across the west coast, going to stay fairly hot there along the south and east, and then up here in the northeast we're going to see the potential for some unsettled weather, some rain showers, a few communities may even get washed out. i don't think it's going to be a widespread wash out but shannon we like our fireworks here in the northeast and all across the rest of the country so i'm hoping for everyone's sake that it's a quiet day across the nation on the fourth. >> shannon: yeah, my family may have a little bit of an obsession with the pyrotechnics so folks try to safely enjoy where it's legal. nick thank you so much >> up next, did dr. anthony fauci try to tamp down reports about the covid-19 origins? ♪
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♪ >> shannon: a biden administration review says the state department failed to do enough planning before the collapse of the u.s.-backed government in afghanistan. the review repeatedly blames the administrations of both former
3:41 pm
president trump and president biden for their efforts before and after the august 2021 departure of u.s. forces from kabul. republicans have, in turn, accused president biden of not taking responsibility for intelligence failures leading up to the taliban's seizure of the country and for the scenes of chaos at kabul's airport where 13 u.s. service members died in a suicide bombing. today the president denied making any mistakes. >> shannon: there are new claims tonight that question the government's handling of the covid-19 pandemic. fox news has seen documents indicating the point person for the effort, dr. anthony fauci
3:42 pm
may have tried to tamp down the theory that the virus escaped from a chinese lab. here's senior congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> reporter: the channel con densities it has evidence that dr. anthony fauci tried to curb discussion that a lab leak sparked the pandemic. sub committee chair man brad within strop obtained messages from fauci deputy david writing tony doesn't want his fingerprints on origin's stories. what would be the reason for not having a scientific debate? for wanting to squash one of the potential theories that exist? >> reporter: fauci has historically pushed back against the lab leak theory. >> the evidence very strongly, very strongly points to this being a natural occurrence of a jump from an animal species to a human. >> reporter: but other scientists accuse fauci of scientific spin. >> the conspiracy here really was on the other side, which was to really get a single narrative to get a spillover event.
3:43 pm
>> reporter: raul says the gop wants to vilify dr. fauci. fauci's deputy used his private e-mail to dust freedom of information requests. others defend fauci. >> tony's fingerprints aren't on this. what i'm concerned about is that information is being cherry picked to be used to go after somebody. >> reporter: dr. christian anderson communicates wind fauci in january 2020 that the signature of the virus made him wonder if it was man-made. but anderson missed a deadline to comply with a subpoena for information today. winstrop accused fauci of undercutting the lab leak theory because the u.s. funded research in wuhan. fauci says there was a small grant to study bats in china but told fox in january that research would be, quote, impossible to trigger a pandemic. shannon. >> shannon: chad pergram on the hill thank you. up next the panel on today's major supreme court decisions
3:44 pm
plus winners and losers and this week's notable quotables. first beyond our borders is in, france's president is urging parents to keep teen-agers at home in a bid to quell rioting spreading across the country. emmanuel macron is suggesting social media is fueling violence following the fatal police shooting of a teen-age driver earlier this week. >> a panel of judges rules former president jay ear bolsonaro is ineligible to run for office until 2030. the group says he abused his power and cast doubts on the country's electronic voting system >> u.s. bombers flied to the peninsula in the latest show of force against the north korea. the planes took part in joint aerial drills with other u.s. and south korean fighter jets. the exercise comes days after north korea staged massive anti u.s. rallies in its capitol. >> to some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪
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prevagen. at stores everywhere without a prescription. >> money was literally about to go out the door and then republican elected officials and special interests stepped in. they said no, no. literally snatching from the hands of millions of americans thousands of dollars in student debt relief that was about to change their lives. >> everybody knew this was illegal to begin with. the not-so-thinly valid attempt to get a lot of votes in the last election. >> the students will feel like the court took money out of their pockets, even though he didn't have this money. this was an invalid iou that they couldn't possibly have cashed. >> shannon: let's bring in our panel lesley marshall democratic strategist olivia for politico and washington post columnist
3:51 pm
mark. great to have you all here on such a momentous legal day. we are going to pick your brains. olivia i want to start with you because also in his remarks today the president talked about the fact that republicans could not stand the middle class getting help. i mean, he really went after them and talked about how terrible they are on this issue. but if he needs them legislatively to get anything done on this front i don't know that they're going to want to work with him after that. >> you're starting to see the dividing lines long before the courts, you know, republicans point out that biden came in and said he wanted to be a bipartisan president and then they talk about how he's always going out attacking the maga republicans and the extremists and that's something that they're countering saying, is he really coming to the table or only because he was forced because the house flipped and now there's a divided government. that's something they've been pushing back on is biden's record of being this bipartisan man, they're arguing it's not. >> shannon: bottom line what the court said on the student loans issue is that essentially the secretary of education could not make this sweeping move to get rid of $430 billion in debt.
3:52 pm
it went beyond his statutory powers. here is how congressman ralph norman is responding. he says you cannot cancel student loans any more than you can cancel a car payment or credit card debt. the money has to come from somewhere. proponents literally wanted student loan debt transferred to other people. it's obnoxious. lesley. >> well it was a campaign promise which got a lot of young americans to vote for joe biden to become president and he said he was going to do thatten he did that. out of all of the rulings this is the one i'm not surprised went this way and because of that. because i have heard legal arguments on both sides and there is that area of overlap which is, you know, too much authority and does that one individual in education have that much authority. because if they do with this, then there are other places they would as well. >> shannon: yeah, and so on the other side of this coin, senator bernie sanders said this, in my view, if right wing supreme court justices want to make public policy they should quit the supreme court and run for
3:53 pm
political office. >> you know who ran for political office? members of congress. those are the people the president by passed. he compares it to the ppp loans. the ppp loans were passed by congress and signed into law by the president. he just did this by executive fee i can't tell. you cannot spend under our constitution half a trillion taxpayer dollars without getting congress to authorize it. just the way it works. but i'll tell you something shannon i think they're secretly happy with the supreme court decision i'll tell you why. the biggest problem they have going into the 2024 election is inflation. people are unhappy with the economy, he's got 34% approval on the economy. people think they're paying too much. this would have been inflationary. it was jason furman former biden economic advisor said pouring half a trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire which is already burning is reckless. this would have been like another covid relief bill a half a trillion dollars poured into the economy that would set inflation off either further. it's a silver lining to decision, less inflation.
3:54 pm
>> shannon: olivia it gives the president talking points for the reelection campaign being out there on the trail he can say i fought for you and tried to get this done for you, the crazy maga courts and all the republicans, although he was among democrats who cast doubt on whether or not he could do this. a great talking point to say i fought for you and it's the court that stopped me from helping you. >> 100% and he's going to be able to say that. progressives might find a way to go around and find a way to oh leave 88 debt. but what i'm looking for is does this motivate voters. after dobbs we saw abortion play a huge role in the midterms voters turned out in the a way house republicans did not expect and they did an autopsy report d it was a much bigger issue. i don't think this will be as big an issue as abortion but do these motivate younger voters or people of color or the other one, lgbtq voters, and, if so, how much. >> shannon: so let's talk about that free speech case which also encompasses a lot of groups and
3:55 pm
folks that are very interested in this. this was the web designer out of colorado who said, i have clients who are lgbtq. i'm happy to work with them. but for custom designs for something like a same sex wedding which is against my own personal religious beliefs i don't think i should have to do it. the court decided with er had 6-3 justice gorsuch wrote tolerance not coercion is our nation's answer. the first amendment envisions the united states as a rich and complex place where all persons are free to think and speak as they wish not as the government demands. >> i'm going to answer that but i want to say a tsunami is coming. this is going to motivate lgbtq people of color and youth voters. there's more confidence in the economy than 2022 right now so i think joe biden's going to be okay when it comes to bidenomics. with regard to this decision, here's my problem and a lot of people, not just on my side of the aisle but, you know, with regard to this. it's a slippery slope. first amendment's my favorite in
3:56 pm
the constitution, i think most people. you want those freedoms, that speech. >> first one. >> yeah. >> and religion. but you don't need to read further for some people. but at the same time it is a slippery slope. let me just give one tiny example. okay? so then we're saying, if you are -- sorry, i'm going to use some people in my family. orthodox jews or very strict muslims who say i can't do business with you, or i can't give you service if you covered with a beard as a man if your head isn't covered, as a woman if you're not covered either with a scarf or a wig. you see what i'm saying? it becomes a very slippery slope because we have numerous religions and beliefs in this country. so to me it opens the door to more discrimination at a time that we certainly don't need more division and discrimination. >> shannon: what the court says it's not about the messenger or the person it's about the message and is that distinction going to be lost on some people because this is for people who claim to have an artistic job
3:57 pm
that they are doing custom events and they don't want to do that to endorse specific messages but it is a not about the person. >> we don't have excelled speech in this country. it's that simple. you can't compel somebody to speak something they don't believe. it's fundamental to who we are as americans. you request agree or disagree with the speech but one of the most important things about the first amendment why it's the first amendment and why it's our favorite one is because it protects speech that's unpopular and protects speech that we might disagree with. and the idea -- what i don't understand is, can't they find a web designer or a cake baker or somebody who agrees with them who's willing to make the cake? of course they can. this movement is going out to try and find -- pick fights and force people to do things that they don't want to do or are against their conscious to prove a point and i find that deeply offensive. >> shannon: i find deeply offensive i didn't get to your winners and losers because i mismanaged this panel. olivia i'll let you tell me your two because that's all the time we have left. >> my loser is francis, a mayor from florida and he did not know
3:58 pm
what uyghurs were. it was not that he didn't know what uyghurs were it was how he tried to recover and blamed hewitt saying it was his pronunciation that tripped him up. and my winner, donald trump will be able to port point to the recent supreme court rulings saying i got three supreme court justices onto the court you should vote for me i can do it again. >> i owe you guys winners and losers. we'll talk about them during the break. okay. ♪ >> it is time, friday, for notable quotables. >> bidenomics, which is the word of the day, word of the week, word of the month, word of the year here. >> guess what? bidenomics is work. >> bidenomics for the bidens is their family members getting very rich. >> you were clearly prevented, you felt it, you documented it. >> we weren't alloweded to ask about the big guy. there were definitely hindrances that i've never seen before in my 14 years. >> were you sitting there? were you involved?
3:59 pm
>> no, i wasn't and i don't -- >> were you? >> no! >> was it a mute any, coup or attempted coup. >> we're not slapping a bumper sticker on it ed. >> this guy's a former convict turned hotdog salesman turned caterer. >> taking advantage of their brutality but now having them turn on him, it's like frankenstein. >> any internal turmoil is a deadly threat to our statehood. >> clearly losing the war in iraq. >> this is a day where we understand that being judged by the content of our contractor, not the color of our skin is what our constitution wants. >> this is tantamount to sticking a dagger in our back. >> we judge on merit. we're not going to try to divvy you up by your skin color. >> don't go anywhere very exciting day around here. >> to be perfectly honest i had to go to the bathroom pretty badly. >> shannon: it happens sometimes. monday on special report attacks on our critical energy infrastructure is on the rise bret baier looks at adversaries to attack our critical assets
4:00 pm
and what is being done to protect them. if you can't remember to catch special report live set your drs 6:00 p.m. eastern 3:00 p.m. on the west coast and i hope you join me fox news sunday republican presidential candidate nikki haley and jake ons clause. thanks for watching special report. aim shannon bream in washington jesse watters prime time starts now. >> thank you shannon >> welcome to jesse watters prime time, i'm kayleigh mcenany. we begin with a fox news alert. supreme court served up three major rulings this week. first they did away with affirmative action. next they delivered a huge win for free speech. and then they dropped a hammer on biden's executive overreach. the supreme court blocked biden's $400 billion student loan bailout. he tried to force it through using executive power instead of going through congress. but you can't do